FEMA Clinic and Surgery in Association with Flinders EMA Pte Ltd – Dr Kevin U. Chan is currently involved in the training and education in the field of Diving Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine, Emergency Critical Care Air Transport Medicine (ECCAT), Telemedicine and Remote Integrative Specialist Consultations (RISC).

Dr Kevin U. Chan – Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine Physician specialises in the areas of Diving, Hyperbaric, Offshore, Maritime, Air Transport and Occupational Medicine. He has conducting training in the field of Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine and Telemedicine for the Management of Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Conditions since 2008  both in Singapore and overseas. He is the Diving Doctor Trainer for International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) DMT (Diving Medic Technician) & DMT-Refresher Courses with KBA Training Center in Singapore. Dr Kevin U Chan’s profile can be found here.

ALL Courses are conducted by Program Director : Dr Kevin U-Jyn Chan (Chief Medical Physician, FEMA Clinic & Surgery, Singapore) and places are limited to a maximum of 8 students per course to ensure a positive student learning experience

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Courses  2020


       Code            Course Description Course Dates

Introduction to Diving Medicine & Diving Emergencies with Recompression Chamber Exposure

(For Company Reps/HSE personnel/ Non Divers or Divers)

  April 2020

July 2020

October 2020


 Emergency Diving First Aid for Occupational Divers (Registration)

(with Practical Skills Training in Diving Injury Resusitation & Management; Pre-Reading start 12 days before the Practical Course Dates)

 Practical Course Dates:

22nd ,23rd  Feb 2020;

23rd, 24th May 2020

26th, 27th September 2020

5th, 6th December 2020

Emergency Diving First Aid for Recreational  Divers  mid June 2020
 Basic Course in Diving Medicine  Aug 2020

 Advance Course in Diving Medicine

(This course is availble every alternate year)

 Aug 2021
DDC Chamber Operators Course with In-Chamber Emergency Management

21st, 22nd March 2020

22nd, 23rd August 2020


TeleBaroMed-Remote Integrative Specialist Consultations Training

(The use of Telemedicine in Diving Injuries)

 1st, 2nd Feb 2020

Mid Aug 2020


 Code  Course Description  Course Dates
Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine   coming soon
 Basic Course in Hyperbaric Medicine  mid Aug 2019
 Advance Course in Hyperbaric Medicine  coming soon
 Hyperbaric Chamber Operations and Onsite Medical Management  coming soon

 DAN – Divers Alert Network Courses

Code  Course Description  Course Dates
 Oxygen Provider for Diving Accidents Course (DAN)  coming soon
 Diving Medicine for Divers Part 1 & Part 2 (DAN)  coming soon
Automated External Defibrillator Course (DAN)  coming soon
Hazardous Marine Life Injuries Course (DAN)  coming soon
Divers Alert Network First Aid Course (DAN)  coming soon